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Privacy Policy


When you use our Abl-sales App, we value and prioritize the security of your data. Maintaining your trust is our utmost concern. This notice outlines the information ("data") we gather, its purpose, sharing practices, and the control you have over your data. It is recommended that you go through this document along with our privacy overview, which summarizes the key aspects of our privacy approach.


This notice applies to users of Abl-sales app services.

This notice describes how Apps and its affiliates collect and use data. This notice applies to all users, unless they use a service covered by a separate privacy notice, This notice specifically applies to

Sales Representatives: individuals who request, manage, or receive information related to sales and associated services through Abl-sales App.

Data Collection:

We collect the following types of data to enhance your experience with the Abl-sales App:

User profile information: This includes User name, Enroll, and Department that already exits our ERP system and we collect from our existing ERP solution.

Location Data: We only collect user current location latitude and longitude data for tracking them easily.

Usage Information: We gather data about how you interact with the app, such as the features you use and the frequency of use.

third-party technologies:

As a third party technology we use Google Geolocation for tracking the current location.

Data Usage and Sharing:

We utilize the collected data for the following purposes:

App Functionality: Your information is used to Login your app account, and to enable various features like user authentication.

Location Services : Location data is employed to provide accurate tracking of salespersons' movements, helping companies optimize routes and schedules

Analytics: Usage information assists us in improving app performance, identifying popular features, and enhancing overall user experience.